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On the basis of  FRC Biotechnology of the Russian Academy of  Sciences in addition to SAEC  “Industrial biotechnology” operates a Testing laboratory accredited by the Federal accreditation service. Certificate of accreditation RA.RU.21ПЮ39 (when you click on the link given extract from the register of the Federal service for accreditation — the Federal accreditation service). The effect of the certificate — January 21 2016, for a period of 5 years. Updated scope of accreditation see the accreditation on the website of the Testing laboratory www.ilab-inbi.ru

Scope of accreditation brief:


Name of tested products
1 Edible oil and fat products:
a) vegetable oils;
b) fraction of vegetable oils;
с) oils (fats) interesterified refined deodorized;
d) oils (fats) hydrogenated refined deodorized;
e) margarine;
f) spreads vegetable-cream and vegetable fat;
g) mixture of melted butter and vegetable fat;
h) special purpose fats, including cooking fats, confectionery, bakery;
i) milk fat substitute;
j) cocoa butter equivalents;
k) improvers cocoa butter SOS-type;
l) cocoa butter substitutes POP-type;
m) cocoa butter substitutes a temperature non-lauric type;
n) cocoa butter substitutes a temperature lauric type;
o) sauces based on vegetable oils;
p) mayonnaises;
q) sauces mayonnaise;
r) creams on vegetable oils;
s) distilled glycerin;
2 Products of the wine industry:
a) champagne and sparkling Wines
b) Wine fruit
c) Brandy, brandy and brandy spirits
d) Wine
e) grape Concentrates, other waste products and the wine industry
f) Drink wine (grape and fruit)Production of alcoholic beverages, alcohol, brewing, production of soft drinks, starch and syrup industry:
g) Vodka and  liqueur productsh) Products of alcohol production
3 Natural essential oils
Synthetic fragrant substances
4 Activated carbon
Filter materials

The test laboratory performs other work not included in the scope of accreditation as part of the scientific research.

For more detailed information, please visit the main site of the Testing laboratory www.ilab-inbi.ru