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The Shared-Access Equipment Centre “Industrial Biotechnology” of Federal Research Center “Fundamentals of Biotechnology” Russian Academy of Sciences (A.N. Bach Institute of biochemistry RAS) was organized in April 2007 according to the Decision No. 55 of Bureau of Biological Sciences Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Nowadays there are 4 D.Sc. researches, 10 Ph.D. scientists, qualified engineering andjunior service staff in the Centre.

The strategic goal of the Shared-Access Equipment Centre “Industrial Biotechnology” is the maintenance of works on creation of scientific-technological foundations for the development of the bioeconomy, involving the replacement of chemical products and biological processes, comprehensive use of renewable raw materials and waste, expanding the range of trust products and the development of new types of materials possessing essentially new properties and opportunities for new bioactive substances, improving the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production, security and food quality. Program development the Centre seeks to intensify and improve the efficiency of scientific research in priority areas “bioeconomy, bioresources and food security”, on the accelerated introduction of results of basic scientific developments into economic practice, on the development of infrastructure and material base of scientific research on human resources development and deepening of cooperation with leading Universities to prepare specialists of the highest qualification.

The researches carring out by the Centre aims to develop the new methodical approaches in the field of genomic and postgenomic technologies, bioengineering, system biology, as well as synthetic and structural biology. The Centre promotes implementation of the projects directed to creation bymethods of biological synthesis the biotechnological products for use in the industry, agriculture and biomedicine in the traditional fields (biologically active compounds, food, feed, etc.) as well as in the novel areas (production of recombinant proteins, biopolymers, products of thin and main organic synthesis, biodegradable plastics).

There are 6 departments in the Centre:

  • chromatographic;
  • rapid diagnostics;
  • bioengineering;
  • controlled microorganisms cultivation;
  • mass spectrometry;
  • spectral methods of researches.

The Shared-Access Equipment Centre “Industrial Biotechnology” of Research center of biotechnogy RAS guarantees the high quality of researches.

Work on the development of SAEC core facilities are being implemented with the financial support of the state represented by the Ministry of education and science – a unique identifier RFMEFI62114X0002. The number of the agreement on subsidies 14.621.21.0002 of 15 August 2014 with additional agreements. SAEC is focused on the solution of PST 9 “Development of new methods of recycling and use of renewable and technogenic materials.