Way of access

The way of access of interested users to the equipment providing by the Shared-Access Equipment Centre “Industrial Biotechnology” of Federal Research Center “Fundamentals of Biotechnology” Russian Academy of Sciences (A.N. Bach Institute of biochemistry RAS)

The Shared-Access Equipment Centre “INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY” (the Centre) was organized for sharing of the unique scientific equipment registered on the balance Federal Research Center “Fundamentals of Biotechnology” Russian Academy of Sciences (A.N. Bach Institute of biochemistry RAS). The Center is a structural division of Federal Research Center “Fundamentals of Biotechnology”, without any right of the legal entity and works under the conditions determined by the present Statement taking into account the interests of external users (individuals and outside organizations).

The Center provides to the interested users the standard services approved by the list accompanying the equipment usage.

Payment is made according to the contract for carrying out the scientific researches and depends on the list of the used equipment of the Center.
The price breakdown includes the following items:

  1. consumable materials (including, for example, chromatography columns);
  2. depreciation of the equipment;
  3. costs for chemical reagent;
  4. working hours of the operators carring out the work.

The question of carrying out sample preparation should be separately discussed (who does this work, what need for this work) as well as the way of presenting the results. In case of participation of the supervisor or the operator of the device in the interpretations of analysis results the fee should be discussed separately.

The rights for possible results of intellectual activity acquired during the scientific researches or rendering service are regulated by the contract between the Center (basic organization) and the user.

The Center accepts the requests from the interested users for carrying out the scientific researches and rendering services (further – requests). The requests must contain the information including: information about the applicant (full name, organization, address, phone number, etc.); the description of work (name and purpose of work, object of investigations, estimated time for work on rendered equipment, preferable start date, etc.) and the requirement specification optionally.

The requests are considered by the head of the Center on an on-going basis once a month. The Center has the right to establish the order of requests’ consideration, including conceptual part of work, the compliance of the requests to the opportunities of equipment, equipment-operating time.

On the basis of the results of requests’ analysing the head of the Center makes the decision about the conclusion of the contract for carrying out scientific works and rendering service with the user and includes the request in the plan of the Center work. The decision on impossibility of signing the contract should be motivated and the user must be notified about it no later than three days from the date of the decision making. Possibility of work on the Center’s equipment by individuals – representatives of the interested user, -must be indicated in the contract for rendering service.

At the end of rendering service the external user provides with the relevant document containing results of the carring out work (report, test form, etc.).